There are lots of ways you can be part of the movement with Active Wirral. Whether you are someone who is already active or you want to find out how to start moving there will be something for everyone. Click below to find out more.


Are you looking for inspiration and ideas of how you can get more active, are you trying to find something that would get you moving, and keep you moving, it doesn’t just have to be about taking up a sport, this is about finding ways that you enjoy moving and getting healthy. Download your digital toolkit including marketing materials to promote your involvement here.

Find out about all the activities you can take part in.


Are you part of a club, group or organisation that supports people to be active?

We’d like you to Be Part of the Movement. Whether you are a walk leader or a volunteer at your local sports club we have something for you. From FREE 7-Day Invigor8 passes to a digital toolkit including marketing materials, we may also promote your club on our website.

People outside in their active gear
Football coach with team playing in the background


Do you want to give back to your community and hold a valid DBS certificate?

We are looking for community motivators to be part of the movement and lead local residents to get active, perhaps you already run a local running, walking or sports group or something completely different to encourage people to move! We can support you with access to FREE 7-Day Invigor8 passes, and a digital toolkit with posters to promote your activity. We may even promote your activity in future Active Wirral projects.

Complete this qualification form and we will send you your digital toolkit.